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No, I didn't feel better after the first pill.
I am taking Ferrex 150, which is generic for Niferex-150. I have read about Niferex by doing a search. It is recommended to take it with vitamin C to enhance absorption. I have also cut down...almost cut out coffee, which inhibits iron absorption. ( I love coffee!!, though I was drinking maybe 2-4 cups a day and now maybe have 1 a day...sometimes none at all) I'm guessing it took about 2-1/2 weeks to feel somewhat better. But then I was going through all the testing to determine what might be causing the anemia and I couldn't eat sometimes or even take the supplements. I'm still not up to par and I started taking the iron supplements at the end of March. I go back next week for blood testing. I'm not as short of breath and I don't have the restless leg syndrome anymore...and my nail beds look pinker( I don't have blue fingertips when it gets cold ) I've always had iron rich foods in my diet.

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