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I haven't noticed a lot of hair is thinner than it used to be on the top of my head. My fingernails do have ridges in them....horizontal.

I have been eating iron rich foods, both plant types and red meat and other meats..was eating them before I found out I was anemic. I cut way back on coffee...even cut it out for 3 weeks. I was taking my iron supplements with orange juice and would try not to have milk or calcium for two hours before or after. I still feel tired though. I did have a nasty cold/upper respiratory infection mid April to just after Mother's day....two separate courses of antibiotics. Would that be the reason? I'm trying to eat 2 ounces of red meat at least 5 times a week in addition to my normal protein consumption....yogurt, chicken and some salmon. I was eating red meat before....even had liver. Oysters are supposed to have highest iron....

I haven't really exercised for the last couple of weeks....was working out at least 3 times a week before that. I read on a sports medicine sight that women who work out at least 3 hours a week and consume 2500 calories or less might be prone to iron deficiency anemia. I have a goat dairy....lots of exercise daily there...lifting 50 pounds of feed at least twice a day; hay bales as well as doing a lot of walking and other lifting.

My multivitamin that I take daily has all the vitamin B's in it ....iron is separate. I thought I would feel more energy at this point when hemoglobin is good.
The doctor I saw yesterday is my primary caregiver...she is in internal medicine and preventative care is a specialty. I did ask about maybe taking iron a bit longer, but she said as long as hemoglobin was normal, there was no need at this time, but will do bloodwork followup to see how I do over the next 8-12 weeks without supplements. She was pretty adamant about me not giving blood for awhile, but left the choice up to me. I gave in Nov and again in Jan. Had carpal tunnel release two weeks after last blood donation. Went to give blood at the end of March and they wouldn't take it because hematocrit was too low. I was experiencing breathlessness on exertion at that point and had started taking naps. Restless legs too when resting. I guess I will think about taking a supplement every other day for a week or two...maybe longer? I want my ferritin to get higher. I think I've been somewhat anemic off an on for the last couple of years just because of restless legs and breathlessness at times.

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