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Thanks for writng back to me. Because of the restraint of space I was not clear as to my situation. My gp was in 2001. I have been through alot and your response makes sence if this was before I srarted to go down hill more drastically since January of this year. It first showed in my blood work with a scewy ana. My dr sent me to a rhumatologist that said he could find no connection to Lupus. This was last summer. I continued to get worse with severe pain in my back that moved or changed in the types of pain such as musclular or bone, with severe fatigue that has no rhyme or reason to it. I conveyed this to my doctor and she would not do much about this also my blood pressure would plumment almost off the charts and they fiddled with my hypertension medication this did nt seem to do much but it came back to a normal enough range. Since the last four months I have seen a more dramatic decline in my health. I had heped two other close family members through thier final days and they both starved to death at the end due to complications of their sicknesses. I have seen what your body looks like when you lose to fast and have no control. At camp before talking with the new doctors and yourself I was sitting on my deck at camp and had the strangest feeling come over me that I was starvng to death and that I had no control and understood what they must of felt like at some point in their dying process. I am not morbid and do not think like this so the feeling made me listen to my body and ponder what was happening to me. You see I eat very healthy, because of my stomach allergies I am forced to eat home cooked meals prepared by myself and eat lots of healthy green, vegs, meat, eggs, nuts I have been to many nutirstionists throughout this and could probably tell them a thing or two about nutrtiton since I have been studying it for the past twenty years due to my fluctuating weight problems that lead to my gp. Two days ago I got the second round of blood results back from my dr. She rang me to discuss her findings and was very open and honest about her findngs which is what I had asked of her at the beginning. She has found some very disturbing indications that we need to address immediately. Both her and another dr as well as a hemotologist have been working in the last few days to get some answers. I do not have any concrete answers yet but this what I know right now. I have been on b-12 shots for two years and they are working fine, I have a very low blood sugar but it is not diabetes and is probably happening a few times throughout the day, My kidney function test shows an abnormality which do not necessarily mean my kindeys are not fuctioning only that more tests need to be done, My iron is non existant and they have put me on the strongest form of oral iron a person can take without infusion. I do not handle ferrous gluconate well after two tablets so today I took my first strong iron and we will see how I handle it. The pharmacist was suprised since the normal dose is one and they have me on two, However, I am strarting with one to see how I handle it. My appetite is usually good but since I took that pill I have some nausea but we won't jump to any conclusions yet and give it some time. The doctor did say that I was right to follow my gut instincts abut dying because that is exactly what is happening and that now they are going to try to stop the progression and they are hopeful that they can but without a doublt I would have died without intervention. Iron is very toxic to your liver and where I have the portal vein thrombosis to my liver I am sure that they hope that this new iron can bring up my iron stores. However, I believe that they are not too hopful since I eat well and can not hold the nutrition and that the iron supplements that I have been on for months has seen very little progress. I have stopped bleeding for abut a month due to the progesterone but the side affets are masking my true weight due to water retention and numerous side effects of the drug which is only a quick fix since Everyone of my new medical team is assured of one thing and that is I can never bleed again and I must do what ever it takes to stop it. I see my gyn tomorrow to discuss my alternatives. I am not a good candidate for surgery but maybe a vaginal hysterectomy might be in order but we will see about that one. My gp has and so has my other dr( male) that this is dire and unprecedented. But perhaps I will have some luck like you did and the answer will be open to their eyes and they will put humptey back together again. Thier are other blood work that showed negative results that she talked about and that alot of testing was sure to come, Everyone wants me to leave the area,my family ( I live in a pretty rural place and have traveled to other larger places for treatment of portal vein thrombosis and gastro problems to Lahey a well known clinic in Massachusetts). I am pleased that they found out your problems but one other thing I might not have mentined is that My surgery was not a successful and they are looking more into the small intestine and how much was taken. I know that some days since the bloeeding stopped like today I feel pretty good and I wonder if this is really happening. I have tried to do the basic things to keep my house up and tend to my teenage children but they seem to do alot of my old duties. I have to ask my husband if this is real and he reminds me( because I have asked for honesty) that I am sick and that this a good day enjoy it but my past four years have been ridduled with the occasional good days only to be followed by many bad. I hope that this is not too depressing for you but It feels good to get it out in order so that I know that I am not going crazy and to take one thing at a time and think positive. I will beat this and I won't stop until my last breath. There is more to the story that I have not included and am not even sure that this will all show on the page I sure hope so. Until we talk again thank you again for your imput and thoughts. Being alone most of the time it is good to talk with someone who does not have love for me and can tell it like it is. I am stronger that people think. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.

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