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Hi Babi:

I enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like you're doing everything you need to do in order to be a good "medical consumer" since it's ultimately up to the individual to take charge of his/her own welfare.

Most of my symptoms are clearing nicely. I had weird light shows in one eye--optic neuritis--that started resolving as soon as I started B12. My breathing is much better now, as is my energy level. I still have tingling in my feet, but it's not bad. MUCH better from this time last year. My "brain fog" comes and goes, but I'm not sure how much B12 related that is. I also take Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and I think it helps that too.

Where do you find that too much in the way of B12 shots is bad for you? I haven't come across any toxicity levels. In fact, doses up to 50 mg have been given to some, in studies trying to regenerate nerves. With you having a real B12 problem, then what you're taking orally probably isn't high enough, as I've read that only a small percentage (around 5%?) of each oral dose is absorbed. The cyano-b12 you're taking is only 50 mcg. The ideal oral dosage is *at least* 1000 mcg. However, there is some concern about taking too much cyano-b12 because of it's cyanide component. Can you not find one of the other forms in England? Can you order via the internet? I get mine from iherbdotcom (replace the "dot" with "." maybe the name of the place won't get deleted like it usually does). I have no connection with them, just find them easy to deal with, cheaper (for me, but I'm not international) than my local health food store, etc.

I, too, take a B complex, but I take my methyl-b12 away from it like I'd read to do. I don't think it really matters--what does matter is that you do take a complex at some point each day to keep from getting out of balance with the others. Methyl-b12 is already in its co-enzymated form, so it doesn't need help getting converted (but maybe to be absorbed?). Used at night, it's supposed to also have some impact on sleep--a good benefit of some sort--forget what, so that's when I take it.

Since you have a "down" period between B12 shots, it would seem that you don't store it well. Since B12 is stored in the liver, have you researched liver health and things to supplement it? I've been doing that (studying it) and trying to take a few "support" things (Alpha Lipoic Acid and Milk Thistle).....and trying to just generally be kind to my liver (avoid chemicals whenever possible, etc.).

I don't know of other health problems.....just that the B12 def. sure caused a lot of different things that didn't seem related at first. When I first started getting tired a lot, I wanted my thyroid checked because problems with it were common in my family. Everything came back "okay", except for larger than normal MCV--which is indicative of B12 or folate def. Because my serum B12 came back normal, I went un-Dx'd for several years. Methylmalonic acid test finally revealed the B12 problem. Too bad my doctor wasn't up-to-date with B12 knowledge. Haven't had my thyroid tested in awhile. I do have low-body temperature which could be from thyroid, even with normal testing (Wilson's Syndrome, I think it's called). I haven't pursued that yet....I'm waiting to see how far my B12 will carry me back to "perfect health".

Good luck to you! Post back if you can tell any difference between shot times (though I really think you need higher oral doses to tell anything....hopefully I'm wrong, though!).


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