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[QUOTE=Cricket03]:confused: I've just been through a whole lot of medical stuff (tests, surgery, more tests, etc.), part of which was for my anemia. Anyway, today, the dr. office called & told me to start taking my iron pills again because my ferritin level was too low. I just went to the dr. on Monday, & they said my iron count was normal. The dr. tried to explain something about the cells not being right, and the nurse who called tried to give me numbers but none of it made any sense to me. Any help with the ferritin numbers (and any other info about it) would be great![/QUOTE]
Iron counts have to do with the amount of iron in the blood. Ferritin levels have to do with iron stored in the liver ready to be utilized by the blood. The ranges of numbers are usually specific to the lab that does the test, but the range I know about is 10-300, This is considered in range but is not the only way that the normal is expressed so you will have to go by what your doctor says.

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