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Re: Iron Infusions
Aug 8, 2005
[B]Have you had a recent CBC (complete blood count)??[/B] You are anemic and need to find the cause. Even being one point too low can make you feel like @#[email protected], I know, believe me.

A recent CBC showed that my hemoglobin level was about 9 (LOW!) and my kidneys weren't functioning properly. I've always had a heavy period so I figured it was iron deficiency, but it was kidney failure causing my anemia. I am on iron transfusions and other medications, and feel a zillion times better after just a few weeks. I also needed a blood transfusion of 2 units. My hemo is now about 11.8 and climbing. The doc wants to see it reach 12.5.

Get a CBC and find out WHY you're anemic. They should check iron, kidney, thyroid, cholesterol and a few other things. Hidden bleeding can cause anemia too, such as ulcers or rectal bleeding.

BTW, oral iron didn't do anything for me, and I took it for three months, a really good brand w/ vitamin C and B to help absorb the iron. I think it's possible to feel better right after an infusion. I notice that my cheeks get pinker right afterward. After all, it's going straight into your bloodstream!!! You need a second opinion, my friend.

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