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I too have iron deficient anemia and have suffered fatigue breathlessness and such for several years (I have had heavy periods for at least 8 years that past 3 they were extremely heavy which prompted me to go to the doctor for treatment).

I never connected it with anemia either, I get blood work done every year including kidney function etc, and I am surprised the doctors, more like angry, didn't pick up on that, except one doctor about 8 years or so ago told me I was borderline anemic, he didn't go into details and I didn't pursue it as I thought it was unimportant. boy was I wrong.

so it has been going downhill every since and I didn't make the connection I usually blamed my weight or diet or my blood pressure meds this past year or thyroid and even got scared when I started to get chest pains which I found out anemia can cause that (angina,) , (tho I am sure excess weight doesn't help but I am sure it is not entirly to blame either).

I have since adjusted my diet over the past year to improve the quality and I had a good exercise routine, and I kept regressing I thought I was overexercising so I took more recovery periods, and I would walk long distances that use to be a breeze and I couldn't do it anymore without exhaustion, I blamed the beta blocker so I cut back on the dosage and got on a ace inhibitor to make up the difference still no improvement in fact I got sicker and sicker after each bout of exercise that used to be a breeze.

finally I wasn't getting well, the periods of sickness (headaches, fatigue, flu like symptoms were getting longer and longer before they let up for a day or two and I was back to the same sickness. went to the doctor expecting a low grade infection, which in fact I did have, but it wasn't causing my troubles, maybe thyroid or heart problems, nope advanced microcytic anemia,

this kind of anemia is what happens when you are almost totally out of iron. anyway iron is important I believe to control blood flow that maybe why it causes more bleeding when the body should be conserveing it instead.

maybe the plasma is too thin don't know for sure. I know if you are ID, that your immune system is weakened and you get sick more often, thus the low grade infection I had. I personally think doctors should tell you when values are very close to deficient and not wait until the numbers fall way below what is considered healthy. they sometimes have to many patients to deal with and I think they are in too much of a hurry to get through their case loads that they do the minimum.


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