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It's been a long bumpy ride, but I'm feeling great now, despite not being on iron supplements, and my hair has stopped falling out, haha! Also, this past spring I went with my friends to a blood drive, and on a whim, I decided to see if I could pass the iron test to get in...and I did! My iron levels must have been great that day or something...anyway, I got in, and almost made it to donate blood. I got caught after filling out the questionnaire though, and they sent me packing. I'm hoping to get my levels up high enough so that I can finally donate![/QUOTE]

I had symptoms of anemia off an on as I said before, especially the restless legs. I gave blood in November as part of trying to get out of a depression
( doing something nice for someone else without them knowing it) following complications from a stereotactic breast biopsy. I didn't know at the time, the depression itself could have been from the anemia. I guess I was in and out of the anemia enough to give blood. They took it. I had a really heavy period the next month and then gave blood again in January. I was REALLY short of breath after that. I still didn't connect anything with iron deficiency anemia. I still had some pink in my hands, though I had dark circles under my eyes and sometimes the whites weren't white. Nail beds weren't as pink as they are now.
I took a fitness test at the Y 4 days after giving blood. Did 48 lifts with 35 pounds with barbell. 50 was max. I didn't do as well with stair step testing cardio. My heart rate was really high. That night and the next few nights I got a horrible headache on the right side of my head. I thought it was due to neck muscles sprain/ whiplash yet from being rear ended in a car accident in December. ( person that hit me was on cell phone). Now I know that wasn't a good idea, but people kept telling me to have more energy you have to increase activity. So much for that advice. I'd been seeing a doctor pretty much every month, because of medical problems. She didn't suspect anemia. When I had carpal tunnel surgery in Feb, I didn't have any blood work as part of pre op check. I wish I would have. I know they would have found out I was anemic...I was so cold going into surgery. When I was wheeled out, I had four blankets on me. The recovery nurse made a comment about all the blankets that were on me!!

I went to give blood again in March and they wouldn't take it. Hematocrit was too low. So I called my doctor who ordered a CBC. She put me on Ferrex 150 twice a day. I'd been on that a week when I had another blood test and ferritin test. My ferritin was a 4.

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