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at 7:45 last night sounding very concerned. I've always been somewhat Anemic, in fact when I had my son, I became very, very anemic and they didnt let me leave the hospital till I got my numbers up. I was taking prescription iron and stopped a few years ago. That was 4 years ago and honestly havent given Anemia much thought.

Last night the doctor calls and said that in February my Hemoglobin was 12.4, last week we did a routine blood workup and my Hemoglobin is 10.7. He sounded very concerned, which frankly got me pretty scared. He said he wants to get me in immediately for a colonoscopy, have I been having bloody stools (no), does anyone in my family have colon cancer (no), etc. I asked him if I should be concerned and he said, "Well, this is concerning to me". He said he's concerned that it's gone down so much within the last six months.

The last year or so, I've been having shortness of breath and heart palpitations (which I see here can be symtoms of Anemia).

I read this board quite a bit last night and 10.7 doesnt seem so bad, any idea why he's sounding so gloom and doom? Frankly, he has me pretty scared.


A sudden dive from 12 to 10 [B]should [/B] concern your doctor. 12-13 is normal for a woman; below that is anemic; and 10 is definitely anemic. You are either losing blood or not producing enough. Either way, it needs to be checked, and FAST.

Did you get a CBC (complete blood count)? I got one earlier this spring that showed I had anemia and kidney failure both - the kidney failure was causing the anemia. Shortness of breath and heart palpitations are common symptoms of anemia. Now that I'm on my way to recovery I don't have those symptoms anymore.

Don't let the doc's doom & gloom get in your way. Get the colonoscopy and get a CBC if you haven't already. The quicker the treatment, the more likely you'll beat this, whatever it is. I was two minutes away from dialysis. But they treated me aggressively and I don't have to do dialysis! Thank goodness......

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