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Read thru a bunch of the other posts and you'll see that "pat on the head" attitude in sooooooo many of them! If a man complains about feeling tired the medical community pulls out the red [I]cross [/I] and makes sure to find it no matter what! With women it's "all in our heads." It really is outrageous! I know I've been anemic for a very looooong time and only one dr. actually took it seriously and started the search. I never realised I didn't have to feel this way!!! I bled for 6 solid months after my son was born and then got pg again and bled a LOT at her birth and after. NEVER did the dr.s check my blood counts! I was sooooo tired but after all I had 2 babies to care for so of course THAT was why I was fatigued. IDIOTS!! I was never one for dr.s so I let it go and go and go. Finally after a 5 month bout with pneumonia and other health issues I dragged myself in to the dr. SHE did the tests and discovered the anemia and severely deficient iron stores. All that exhaustion finally explained. I did go thru a lot of tests as my periods have never been a big deal (that was the first quest persued.) In the end my body does not absorb or store iron properly. I've had several iron infusions which bring my levels back to normal. Lately I've been holding well so they've not been necessary. I developed a severe allergy to 2 of the drugs used so infusions are now no longer an option anyway. I feel pretty darn good though so I'm not worried.

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