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[QUOTE=KritterKeeper]Depending on the lab the normal Hgl levels for women are either 12-15 or 11-15. Each person has their own "normal" and it does vary a bit. You'll notice that's not a big range. My normal is around 14 so when I drop to 10 I feel pretty awful.
It sounds to me as if you answered your own question with the lasting anemia and heavy periods. Those can easily cause a 2 point drop in a few months. Has your GYN suggested stopping your periods with continuous BDPs? Do you respond to oral iron supplements? There are options for dealing with heavy bleeding. If you want more kids your options are a bit more limited. Is your primary car dr talking with your GYN? All mine-GYN, GI dr, primary care Dr and hematologist discussed possibilities for my anemia. Each had suggestions and practical contributions to helping my body recover from it.[/QUOTE]

KrispyKritter: Thanks for the information! I'm at 10.7 right now and have been feeling pretty bad...shortness of breath, fatigue, heart palpitations, looking pale and just a general feeling of yuck (make sense? LOL).

My old Gyn did suggest taking the continuous BCP because of my endometriosis. My periods are very, very bad, very heavy and very painful.
My doc hasnt discussed my blood tests with my Gyno...I have a fairly new GP and need to schedule an appointment with my new.

I guess what has me so scared is that my doctor hasnt suggested anything "other" than the colon stuff...he knows about my heavy periods he know's I've lost quite a bit of weight recently (too much, in fact) but he's discounted all that and wants to move straight to the colonoscopy.

You mentioned that your normal level is around 14 and when you drop to 10, you feel hgl's go up and down and vary from time to time?

Thanks again so much, you've really helped the last couple days :)

[QUOTE=KritterKeeper]It may well be the weight loss that is causing the concern but was it purposeful? I've experienced quick weight losses before but none were really caused from medical issues. You could have something like Celiac disease (it's not as bad as it sounds and can be addressed with dietary changes.) Your dr should still be discussing your condition with your GYN. It really isn't a big deal to have the GI tests run but they should include upper and lower exams (done at same time.) I've been tested out the wazoo (literally) and looking back really didn't need to do any of them!!! Some dr.s feel threatened by or competitive with others. I requested that mine speak amongst themselves so that I would not have to repeat all the medical jargon to each! They are all now in agreement that my anemia is "just one of those things." I'm lucky in that I've yet to drop below and Hgl of 10 but my iron stores are always very poor. Hgl scores do vary but only a bit. For me anywhere between 13-14 is great but I still feel fine until I start sinking below 12.[/QUOTE]

KritterKeeper: Yes, I lost the weight on purpose...Summer pressure to get into a bathing suit, LOL. Celiac disease is scary sounding, my friend has it and I believe she does blood transfusions. I need to get an appointment with a GYN, I'm new to the med group and havent scheduled that yet, but I need to. Here's something somewhat interesting...I called my old doc's office yesterday to find out what my old hemoglobin tests were, they told me that they never did one, not in 3 years! Crazy thing is, it's in my file that I complained *many, many* times about feeling, tired, short of breath and heart palpitations. Do you know that this idiot said to me? That I need to relax more. I told him it was sometimes hard for me to walk from the livingroom to the kitchen and I'd have to stop and rest. He told me when I feel this way that I need to sit on the couch and relax!!!! With a 4 year-old no less AND he never did a hemoglobin test on me.


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