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Read more of the posts-search IV iron, Infusion, some folks confuse it with transfusion, you'll find several threads. It's my understanding that Venofer has caused fewer reactions than Infed. It is much quicker to administer. I believe only 15-20min per infusion. Infed can take 6 hours or more but is considered to be a total dose infusion (replaces stores in just one dose.) Ferrlecit is also used but it takes 8 infusions (usually once a week for 2 months) but each lasts 2-4 hours. Venofer is also given several times until the iron stores are up to a desired level. ANY of these drugs can cause reactions but that's why you'll be under constant medical supervision during the IV. You will also be given a test dose as well as medications to help prevent allergic reactions. The vast majority of patients have so side effects or adverse reactions. You will read about the others such as myself here because that's what these boards are for. Exchanging info and experiences is very helpful especially when some of them have been negative. They're not meant to scare you. I had severe allergice reactions to both Infed and Ferrlecit. The medical staff was right on top of it and handled the situation well. It WAS very scary-for them as well as for me. Because I have reacted so badly IV iron is no longer an option for me. I'd still get it if I could as it does work BUT please remember it IS a last ditch effort (short of blood transfusions if your counts are critically low or you can't make your own blood) Infusions should not be seen as a quick fix or a cure. What's causing the anemia must be addressed and if possible remedied. Hope this helped.

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