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Could someone please tell me what your symptoms were when you developed pernicious anemia.

I have Graves Disease and I started noticing changes in my tongue. It is sometimes very red and sore. Most of the time it has red edges and the tip is also red and sore. I've developed sores in my mouth which I used to rarely ever get an ulcer.

Thank you for your help.[/QUOTE]
I found out I had pernicious anemia when I started having attacks of rapid heart rate. I was having dizziness when going from a sitting to a standing position, I could not keep my balance when walking across a room with out side stepping to maintain balance. I was having insomnia which was getting worse and not responding to traditional sleep aids except for drowsiness which was day and night. I had no appetite for anything except odd foods like pretzels or boiled peanuts(a southern tradition). I craved things with minerals like lettuce. But would easily get nauseated when eating high protein foods.The sore tongue and burning tissues were not too big a problem for me, but I did start to have numb fingers and burning sensations so I guess maybe my throat and tongue were numb rather than burning like most. I also got a red ring around the outer colored areas of the corners of my mouth but most of that time was winter so I did not connect it at the time. I just thought it was chapped lips. I also had a low grade fever most of the time as well.

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