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I have been very ill for a while, maybe going on two years. I have been hypo for about 20 years but replacement hormones have always worked fine. Then I started getting really fatigued. Severely. Life altering fatigue. I had been trying to figure out whats going on, as no docs seem able to help. I asked for a ferritin test, and it came back low. Im taking iron now, but feel no different. I am starting to think I have some hidden cancer or something. I read here that low ferritin wouldnt make me so severely tired. Is this true? I dont know my iron level... doc didnt check that. I was hoping that iron pills would "fix" me... but they are not. Thanks for any info.
:dizzy: Teresa
hello, im boardline underactive thyroid and have VERY low ferritin levels which believe me DOES make me extremely tired, depressed and extremely anxious. I tried oral iron which i couldnt tolerate and have since discovered i have a malabsorbtion problem, im now having iron infusions which is how i came across this board (seeking advice) from what my doc told me it can take a while for iron tablets to work as your body needs to build your levels back up again. I finally found a doc that took me serious (after refusing to leave his room until somebody took me seriously) and he then decieded that i needed iron therapy. Im just hoping it works, but low ferritin can make you feel very tired, but im no expert and everyone is different, try not to worry, i too was convinced i was terminally ill. good luck
Like the above poster everyone IS different. According to my hematologist (I've been anemic for years) low iron in and of itself should not cause any noticable symptoms. It's when the low levels lead to anemia that you will notice a difference. I'm ALWAYS very iron deficient (Ferritin levels typically 3 to a high of 8) but I'm not always anemic. A blood count will tell you if you are actually anemic or moving in that direction. There are MANY, MANY health issues which can cause you to feel tired and just plain lousy. You should discuss these with a dr who will listen. I know many don't which is a real shame. You are hiring them--they work for YOU. Not the other way around.
"You are hiring them--they work for YOU. Not the other way around."
Oh ya I agree with that one too. I think maybe those docs who didn't follow up on the patients and do more investigations to find the real cause, maybe they feel they don't have sufficient knowledge to deal with it. haha. That is my personal statement..Maybe they are afraid the more tests they do, then something unexpected happen and maybe they don't know what is the exact cause, as I think some gp they are good in one area but if they are not endo specialist, talk to them about thyroid, they probably wouldn't listen and understand how you feel.. The last time I test my TSh is around 3 plus during evening, so probably my TSH is even higher in the daytime and T4 as expected is at low limits of the normal range, just because of it is normal or maybe present slight possibility of hypothyroid, but my gp refuse to follow up. He told me he only follow up on extreme abnormalities, the example he showed me was 100 for TSH, and I wonder if the patient had fall into coma yet? Hmm
A month and a half later, and I still fel like hell. Geeze, Im so tired of being this way. I hate to be such a complainer. I have my next appointment monday... and I think Ill try the "not leaving until you help me " idea. Ill be sure to take a sleeping bad and pillow...
dont be affraid to complain, that was my problem, but hey i eventually got soooo fed up i decided to take a more radical approach (ie refusing to leave), but hey it worked they did take me serious and ive just finished a course of iron infusions. Good luck. feel free to moan on here anytime.
All the symptoms that you had described are most likely thyroid related. I would recommend that you ask for TSH and FT3 and FT4. Don't listen if doctor tells you your levels are normal. You may still need medicine increase. Iron is also very important, but I don't think that you would be so tired just because your ferritin is low, if your HGB are fine. Let us know and good lack on Monday.

Would recommend that you consider getting an appointment with a Hematologist soon. If you are anemic, and depending on which levels are defecient, yes it can affect your heart, your breathing, your thinking, etc. You are too young to ignore it, and by all means if it is something that can be treated and corrected, you want to do that. There are many things other than blood cancers, so don't be alarmed that a Hematologist may also carry the title along with Oncologist. They treat both cancer related and non-related disorders, so don't ignore your condition. If it turns out to be a mild whatever, it was still worth checking it out.

My Mother is very ill and for months I've pushed for more testes to determine the current problem. She is hypothyroid, but only for the last 3 or so years and that has responded fine to Leoxyl. She had to undergo replacement of two heart valves about 20 months ago, and being 83, I watch things closely. Naturally, the first thing that cropped up was reduced kidney function, which is expected with the heart failure, but then things were going so well until the spring, and blood tests are done every 1-3 months.

Finally, she was deemed anemic and we tried the oral iron and Folic acid but she did not improve in any manner in 2 1/2 months, so it was stopped and she was referred to a Hematologist/Oncologist. First visit was last week and in 6 days her Hemo levels dropped from 10 to 9.2, then in this week it dropped further, but no meds were added last week as they wanted her previous records from this past year to see if this had been building for a long time.

Well, today no clear answers and she can barely walk across the floor. She cannot get her words out as she cannot think straight and I've had to increase her oxygen, and yes, she's had heart rhythm issues as well. Still, it wasn't to the point that they would do transfusions today, choosing instead to begin Aranesp injections in the stomach. Haven't done a lot of research on it yet, but it's something like Procrit, so it will take weeks before we see a significant change in the way she feels, if it works.

Lots of labs have been done and now there is to be a CT scan of lymph nodes just to rule out infection, and the doc wants a bone marrow biopsy. But the doc has not really explained enough for her to agree to that yet. For the moment, she wants to see if the injections show any improvement in her labs and how she feels and I don't disagree with her decision.

You are young, so I hope you will seek out the specialist who can immediately let you know what is causing your condition and help you with a course of treatment so you won't wind up with something major.

Best wishes.

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