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Hi !
I think maybe I need a bit of help here. Done my full blood counts twice, once today and last time 2 months ago. Both results are quite similar. My red blood cell counts is 3.88 today and last time 3.81. The normal range is 3.8 to 5.8. As you can see now, my RBC is on the low side. My MCV is 99 and 100fl and as you can see is slightly on the high side. The norm is 80-97. My MCH is 34.3 slightly on the high. Other results are okay and normal. The red cell indices look like macrocytic but I didn't really do a thin blood PBF to look at the cells.. SO actually I was thinking any cause for alarm here based on my results? I do feel fatigue easily.. I am curious why my RBC is quite low but normal.. Anyway the rest of the results as follow..
plt: 273(150-390)
Hgb: 13.3(11-16.5)

Thanks for any inputs.. :bouncing:

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