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Just posting an update. Any opinions on what this might add up to would be helpful. I am a little worried.

first number is old bloodwork, then normal range, then New blood results after 2 1/2 weeks of iron supplements 1000mg /day are in bold.

white blood count 6.1 (3.8-10.8) in range [B]5.4[/B]
red blood count 4.31 (3.8-5.1 ) in range [B]4.22[/B]
hemoglobin 10.9 (11.7-15.5) [B]10.8[/B]
hemocrit 33.1 (35.0-45.0)[B]32.7[/B]
MCV 76.7 (80.0-100.0)[B]77.3[/B]
MCH 25.4 (27.3-33.0)[B]25.7[/B]

RDW (not sure what this is) [B]15.5[/B] (11.0-15.0)

total iron [B]32 [/B] (35-175)
%saturation [B]8[/B](15-50)
ferritin [B]7[/B] (10-154)

b-12 and folate normal

Also, my US showed a 14mm cyst on left ovary and anechoic fluid in the uterine cavity ( anyone know what this means?) GYN is doing a endometrial biopsy on Mon. little worried about this.

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