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Last week I went to the ER with severe heart palpitations. I thought it was my thyroid needing an adjustment but that was fine. They kept me Sun, Mon and Tues. until 7pm. Ran all kinds of heart tests and determined it was not a heart issue but an anemia issue.

My dr. relayed the info to me- "you are grossly anemic". Placed me on iron 3 x a day and a multivitamin. She advised me on the routine fecal occult test which came back fine and advised me to see my GYN.

I saw my GYN Nurse practioner and she looked at my blood results and said I was low but not "grossly anemic". Kinda made me feel foolish though I was just repeating what dr. had said Still she did an exam and sent me for further ironblood tests and a pelvic ultrasound to rule out problems there.( will get results Mon)

I am 32, 3 kids, normal periods, easily fatigued but feeling a bit better the past 3 days compared to the exhaustion I had before. I would say I am "pretty tired" versus " completely exhausted" like I was.

Here are my numbers. Does anyone have an opinion? Is this just semantics?

Not sure how worried I should be. Thanks in advance!

white blood count 6.1
red blood count 4.31
hemo 10.9
hemocrit 33.1
MCV 76.7
MCH 25.4
[COLOR=DarkGreen]It would help if you would post reference ranges with your results. And do you have your TSH and FT3 and FT4 test results? You can have heart palps with anemia and hypothyroidism[/COLOR].

white blood count 6.1 (3.8-10.8) in range
red blood count 4.31 (3.8-5.1 ) in range
hemoglobin 10.9 (11.7-15.5)
hemocrit 33.1 (35.0-45.0)
MCV 76.7 (80.0-100.0)
MCH 25.4 (27.3-33.0)

My TSH, FT3 and FT4 were normal.
Just posting an update. Any opinions on what this might add up to would be helpful. I am a little worried.

first number is old bloodwork, then normal range, then New blood results after 2 1/2 weeks of iron supplements 1000mg /day are in bold.

white blood count 6.1 (3.8-10.8) in range [B]5.4[/B]
red blood count 4.31 (3.8-5.1 ) in range [B]4.22[/B]
hemoglobin 10.9 (11.7-15.5) [B]10.8[/B]
hemocrit 33.1 (35.0-45.0)[B]32.7[/B]
MCV 76.7 (80.0-100.0)[B]77.3[/B]
MCH 25.4 (27.3-33.0)[B]25.7[/B]

RDW (not sure what this is) [B]15.5[/B] (11.0-15.0)

total iron [B]32 [/B] (35-175)
%saturation [B]8[/B](15-50)
ferritin [B]7[/B] (10-154)

b-12 and folate normal

Also, my US showed a 14mm cyst on left ovary and anechoic fluid in the uterine cavity ( anyone know what this means?) GYN is doing a endometrial biopsy on Mon. little worried about this.

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