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My teen age daughter has been battling iron deficient anemia for 2 years now. Over the last year, she has gotten IV iron 5 different times (working up to 300 mg of iron at a time). Her hemoglobin has been holding fine (between 12-13.6), but her ferritin continues to go up to 80 then fall back to 19 a couple of weeks after the IV iron. She is also taking ICAR-C 350mg of oral iron to see if her body will "wake up" and begin working on its own. We believe the initial iron def. occurred due to heavy periods so she has been on birth control pills to control her periods successfully. Today, the hematologist tested her B12 and folate because her hair is falling out (alot!). The results came back as B12 143 and folate of 4.4, which the doctor said were below normal levels. He thinks with a low iron, B12 and folate, that it is all nutrition related and she just needs to eat a better diet, but I am wondering about low stomach acid and if that might be affecting all of the absorption levels. Can anyone help here? I know that my daughter is not eating any vegatables, but she is eating beef, chicken and some diary product. She also eats nutri-grain bars or bananas for breakfast periodically. He casually told me he would consult with the Gastroenterologist, but he still felt it was mal-nutrition. He has set an appointment up next week for her to get a B12 shot and put her on a multi-vitamin.

I don't know much about B12 - like how long does it take to get the levels up? Should they stay up once there if no malabsorption is going on? What test are there for low stomach acid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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