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I just got tested for anemia last week and they did a CBC. I almost fainted after they took the tiny tube of blood.. is this a sign of anemia?

I've just been extremely tired lately.. even with plenty of sleep. In my college classes I have trouble staying awake and fall asleep often. I also can't focus well.. I forgot to do an online quiz and went to go to the bank.. I drove right past the bank and ended up headed who knows where! I do this pretty often, and I do get headaches more than I used to. I think the headache part is from dehydration. I was very busy and worked and had a busy social life, but I quit my job and work a few small little jobs like teaching piano that barely takes time.. so I don't think it is a stress problem.

Also, I have been taking a multivitamin so I have been getting iron, and I try to eat pretty healthy.. I don't eat a whole lot of meat though since I am a college student and usually end up eating pasta or cheaper foods.

I love to work out and sometimes I just don't have the energy for it! I try to do something and I will go to the gym.. but then be even more tired!

Can anyone give me any advice?

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