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Iron supplements
Nov 1, 2005
I'm new here and looking for some help. I had my ferritin tested, it was low 8.97 (25-150) although I'm not anemic, I don't think. So now I need to take iron supplements. Can someone give me the rundown on iron supplements. Whats the difference between iron supplements you can buy in the store and ferrous sulfate or ferrous this or that.

By the way is anyone out there familar with the thyroid ferritin connection. I was dx with hypothyroidism in March 2003. However the meds that I need to take are EXTREMELY toxic for me and I can't help but think the docs have missed something. Since starting thyroid meds, about every 3 months it seems another system/organ/hormone in my system is falling apart. The docs just keep throwing more meds at me but they don't seem to get to the root of the problem. So is there some thype of conection between the thyorid and low ferritin that could cause such a toxic reaction for me.

I'm sorry I cannot comment on the Thyroid + ferritin (not sure what that is even), I can only comment on the anemia. You may want to do a search on a web search page such as Yahoo by typing in "throid" + "ferritin" to see if you get any links with suggestions.
As far as the iron. Most people with anemia are recommended to take ferrous sulfate although there are other kinds. It is basically the element name for "iron". the real only difference btwn the over the counter and the prescription is that the otc is not as strong. I was VERY anemic so I had to take an rx for 325 mg 3x a day. If you are recommended to take this hig of a dose then you should also take a stool softener with it to avoid stomach problems.
[QUOTE=Tauri79]THe most common iron people take as a supplement is Ferrous Sulphate (Sulfate in the US). It's the most easily absorbed by your body. However, it can be a little harsh on your stomach and some people get cramps and constipation with it.

If this does happen to you (and it did to me) the easiest thing to do is discuss it with your doctor. there are many other 'kinds' of iron and iron preparations that can be taken. It's just a matter of finding one that suits you. Especially look for supplements that have Vit C with them, as this helps you body to absorb the iron.

Not only that but your can boost your ferritin level with your diet too. Lots of green veg etc.

I've never heard of there being a direct link between anaemia and hypothyroidism, though I'm in no way an expert.[/QUOTE]

Hi :wave:
I too have hypothyroidism and VERY low iron level 3.0. The doc put me on chromagen since the over the counter iron supplements were tearing my stomach up. The chromagen is much easier.
Make sure though that you don't take the iron with your thyroid meds, one cancels out the other. I usually take my synthroid in the morning and chromagen before I go to bed with a glass of orange juice.
Green veggies are good but the doc told me that those alone will not do it, your body just won't absord enough from them to replace your low iron levels, so you have to take a supplement as well.
Although I have never heard of hypothyroidism having anything to do with anemia or visa versa. I've been on meds for my thyroid since 1982 but have just been diagnosed with anemia this past June.
Linda :)

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