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Slow release iron is good, much kinder to your stomach. That's what I take.

I understand what you're trying to say about having a low ferritin. I have the same thing. I was anaemic, i.e. I had a low haemaglobin, but now I have a normal haemaglobin with a low ferritin.

Think of it this way, ferritin is you iron store and haemaglobin is the iron you are currently using. To put it very simply. Therefore, although your body has enough iron to function on day to day, the store is low. It can stay like that a while, but eventually, once your stores are totally exhausted, your haemaglobin will start to drop. That's why you need to replenish them now with the iron tablets.

You still technically have iron defiency anaemia. A lack of iron.

I've never experienced any pains in my torso area due to anaemia (to my knowledge anyway), but I do get restless leg syndrome with it. I can tell exactly wat my blood is 'doing' due to this. When I start to get the pains and restlessness at night I know I need to take my iron tablets again. I think t's just my body's way of telling me and it works pretty well.

I have heard that some people can get all kinds of pain associated with it. Maybe someone else can fill you in:)

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