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... I have iron deficiency anemia also. Your numbers are very similar to mine. (I'll include the relevant ones below.) My doctor referred to my anemia as "mild." Since I'm male and the averages for men are higher than for women, my numbers are slightly further off from the average than yours are. Thus, your anemia is most certainly mild, too. I was also put on an iron and vitamin... (7 replies)
... Aloha fellow health board members. I just got access to my recent lab results. I haven't followed up with my doctor yet. I would love some input or thoughts on what they might indicate. I got tested because I was worried about being anemic. Any info is greatly appreciated. Iron: 48 Range: 30 - 160 TIBC: 353 Range: 228 - 428 % Saturation: 14 Range: 20 - 50 Ferritin:... (4 replies)
... I am a regular blood donor and have been for 5 years donation 5 gallons at this point. Lately, over the past 2 years, I often get rejected, but try again a few weeks later and am accepted. I donated three weeks ago and three days after that I went for my annual physical which included blood work. The doctor said I had anemia of chronic illness based on: RBC: 4.10 ... (0 replies)

... My labs back in Feb: B12 308 RBC 3.7 hemoglobin 12 hematocrit 35 MCV 94 MCH 32 MCHC 34, Folate 21.9 Vit D 28 (but I had been taking 2000iu of D3 for 3 weeks prior to the test) (3 replies)
... I have been trying to find out all I can about anemia and low iron. And I found this place! I have moderate anemia but my iron numbers are low. I am 40, female, and in moderately good health. I had an endometrial ablation in November and have no reason to be anemic except for extremely heavy bleeding last year which resulted in my ablation. I've been eating a spinach... (3 replies)
... I just had mine done and here are the "norms" WBC: 4.0-11.0 RBC: 3.80-5.10 Hemaglobin: 11.6-15.2 Hematocrit: 34.0-45.0 MCV: 80-97 MCH: 26-33 MCHC: 32-36 Platelet Count: 150-450 (3 replies)
... I just received my CBC results from my doctor this morning. He said all levels were normal, but after doing some research on here and other medical websites I'm not sure. Below are my numbers: WBC: 4.8 RBC: 3.57 Hemoglobin: 12 Hematocrit: 34.8 MCV: 97 MCH: 33.7 The reason for the blood work was because for the past year I've been experiencing some unusual symptoms... (5 replies)
... or other PPI's for more than 4 years and they could be the problem according to what I have read and heard especially here from FlFlowergirl. ... (11 replies)
... My goodness, I'm a new woman! Got my lab work back from yesterday. It's been 3 weeks since my blood transfusion. 1-325 mg Ferrous Sulfate a day. HGB 12.1 (11.5-15.0 g/dL) HEMATOCRIT 42.4 (34.0-46.0%) MCV 75 (80-100 fL) IRON 39 (35-160 ug/dL) TRANSFERRIN % SATURATION 11 (15-55 %) TOTAL IRON BINDING CAPACITY 367 (228-428 ug/dL) TOTAL IRON BINDING CAPACITY,... (22 replies)
... Hi all, I'm new here. Found you through a google search. I've had severe anemia last March, so I had my levels checked last week at the doctors. Called today, my iron levels are terrible. Ferritin less than 1 (22-291 ng/mL) Iron 11 (35-160 ug/dL) Transferrin Sat % is 2 (15-55 %) TIBC 449 (228-428 ug/dL) TIBC Unsat 438 (92-365 ug/dL) HGB 6.7 (11.5-15.0 g/dL) (22 replies)
... I read this same thing about the transferrin being high with iron deficiency. These are what my labs look like as of June 18 Total iron 36 (40-175) Low (dropped from 51 in April) TIBC 389 (250-450) Normal (427 in April) Transferrin Saturation 9 (15-50) Low (dropped from 12 in April) RBC 4.36 (3.80-5.10) Normal (About the same as in April) Hemoglobin 11.7 (11.7-15.5)... (8 replies)
... Ferritin 3 L (12-250) Iron 21 L (37-170) %Transferin Sat 5 L (20-55) RBC 3.89 L (4.32-5.32) Hemoglobin 10.5 L (12.8-16.5) Hematocrit 32 L (38-49) MCH 27 L (28-34) Haptoglobin 203 ... (13 replies)
... I go for my first iron infusion tomorrow and I'm really nervous about it. At first my GP ordered a blood transfusion because of the following lab results: Hemoglobin--7.7 (11.5-16.0) Hematocrit--.26 (0.35-0.47) MCV--62 (80-98) MCH--18 (25-34) However, after talking with a specialist they decided to try an iron infusion first, since my iron panel showed: Ferritin--4... (9 replies)
... and have had 4 breast surgeries, a couple endoscopies, and a colonoscopy. ... (12 replies)
... I recently I did a blood test , the results show I have some items are out of range but not too much. RED Blood Cell Count 3.90L (reference range 4.2-5.8) Hemoglobin 12.1L (reference range 13.2-17.1) Hematocrit 34.4L (reference range 38.5-50.0) Platelet count 124L (reference range 140-400) (8 replies)

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