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[B][[COLOR=Teal]FONT=Georgia]I am 25-yrs-old and for the most part, healthy. I found out I had low iron at 19 but did nothing about it- didn't think it would hurt me. Well I started getting very mild light chest pain in the center of my chest and over to the left a bit. I went to the doctor and they said my heart sounded healthy and didn't have any signs of heart problems really. Then my friend knew my complications and how the docs just blamed anxiety. He told me he saw a special on tv about anemia and how my symptoms were everything the mention. So i started doing reserach and lo and behold, anemia can be serious if left untreated. However, I wondered if anyone else has had any chest pains? I had a few heart palpitations, but only when I was extremely stress oud- they are very rare. I'm a little scared maybe this went left too long and maybe I developed the left ventrical hypertrophy, but I'm prob being a worry wart.
So anyone else with chest pains associated with anemia?? Thank you for your time reading this!! :wave: [/FONT] [/COLOR] [/B]
hi here are the symptoms of anemia

Fatigue or tiredness
Trouble breathing
Rapid heartbeat
Dizziness, light-headedness, inability to concentrate, or headache
Chest pain
Difficulty staying warm
Loss of sex drive
Pale skin
yes I have anemia just found out a week ago, had it developing for many years and yes I had my heart and eveyrthing checked due to chest pains and sure enough it was okay. didn't know I was developing anemia, I mean I had heavy periods for years didn't think anything of it, of course they did gradually get heavier and heavier until I went to my gyn for it. I guess the gradualness of it caused me to overlook it until I started flooding and changing overnight pads three to four times in a 8 hours period and flooding over while sleeping after changing a pad less than 30 minutes before.

then after going to the doctors for it and having all kinds of tests I noticed that some of my periods decreased, still too heavy but lesser compared to before, and sometimes really light, thought my hormones were straightening themselves out only to learn that severe anemia can decrease your periods.

it can cause a constant headache especially after a little exertion, for me sometimes just getting up out of bed was exertion enough to make the headache worse, fatigue is terrible, I can hardly do a few things and I have to lie down and sometimes I get so tired and sleepy after only a half hour of exertion I end up sleeping for several hours. and sometimes it gives me insominia worse then I have had before.

for such an easily treatable thing I can't believe all the horrible symptoms it brings to your life. my heavy periods spanned a 8 or 9 year period, 10 years or more ago a doctor did tell me I was borderline anemic, but he never said anymore and I never pursued it since I didn't think it was that serious.


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