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Re: Iron Deficiency
Dec 13, 2005
[QUOTE=Tiffany2521]Hi I just found this health board and I am hoping to learn about Anemia. I recently had my 2nd child and while in the hospital I was told I was anemic. Finally after 2 months of doctors and bloodwork I have learned that my blood level is at a 9.1 and my iron levels are at a 26. I have constant headaches and I am really not sure how low or high that 26 is. What is "normal", and does anyone have any advice on howto get my levels up? Thank you so much! :)[/QUOTE]
I am sorry you are still suffering. However, the ranges are usually unique to the laboratory that is testing. The side effects of anemia sometimes seem worse or less worse than the numbers given depending on how fast the anemia occurs. If the anemia happens suddenly like giving birth and bleeding a good bit, then the numbers do not have to drop much to experience extreme discomfort. On the otherhand, if the anemia has happened gradually over a long period of time such as a year or so, then the numbers could look severe and the symptoms might not seem as bad. It is pretty confusing to the patient. The best thing to do for the anemia at home is to follow the doctors recommendations, and to add as much iron rich food to your diet as possible such as beets, root vegetables (those that grow under the soil, meat if possible, and iron enriched foods from the grocery store. Main thing is to follow your doctors recommendations and seek out a doctor if you have not done so.

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