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I have been suffering from anemia for about 10 years. I take a ferrous sulfate (iron) tablet everyday and sometimes I take two. Each is 325 mg. Sounds like alot, but it has helped be become stable. I also take B12 in the form of sublingul tablet that is put under your tongue for better absorption. I believe that I became anemic do to long, heavy periods...I am not really sure.
Did your doctor test for what kind of iron would be best for you to take? There are a couple, ferrous and ferric. The ferrous one is better absorbed by your body.
I hope you also are eating more than the red meat. Here is what was on my list of things to do for it from my doctor:
Eat foods high in iron:
red meat
liver o eggs
dried fruits, like apricots, prunes, and raisins
lentils and beans
green, leafy vegetables, like spinach and broccoli o tofu o cereal with iron in it (iron-fortified)
Eat/drink foods that help your body absorb iron, like orange juice, strawberries, broccoli, or other fruits and vegetables with vitamin C.
Don't drink coffee or tea with meals. These drinks make it harder for your body to absorb iron.
Calcium can hurt your absorption of iron. Make sure you get enough folic acid and vitamin B-12 in your diet.

Hope that will help you!
Wishing you well!

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