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Hi everyone, new to the board. Sorry for such a long post.
I already know I should probably go to the doc, but would prefer not to
:). I haven't gone through my doc for the last two blood tests (each done with sufficient time between), as I hate going to the doctor unless I absolutely have to.
Not sure how "bad" these CBC's are, altho they have been getting slightly worse over the past year. I don't want to just be told I need to go on iron supplements, unless these values suggest otherwise. Is anemia correctable w/o supplements? Ihave other symptoms of anemia as well... heart palps (started feeling these a month or two ago), mild tiredness, dizziness, etc. I don't seem to be extremely affected by the tiredness, because overall I'm very athletic, altho I know I don't feel as good as I should. I'm a cyclist and runner. The heart palps are more worrisome tho. (skipped beats more than tachycardia).

I don't seem to have outside of range iron or RBC counts, but most of the others indicate a problem. I suspect I should get this addressed as quickly as possible if it's considered to be fairly serious levels of deficiencies. I've bumped up iron containing foods, but it hasn't seemed to help.
Thanks for any tips!

iron: 57 (range 35-175)
ferritin: 6 (low)
TIBC: 456 (pretty high)
RBC: 4.23 (range 3.8-5.1)
hemoglobin: 10.1 (low)
hematocrit: 33.7 (low, but was fine in previous test, so it's dropped)
MCV: 80 (recently dropped to low end of range of 80-100)
MCHC: 30 (low)
RDW: 19.6 (high)

The report also indicated Mild Anisocytosis, moderate ovalocytes, mild polychromasia,
moderate hypochromia.

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