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Sorry this is long but I hope someone can help me figure this out.

I recently visited the Hematologist because I have had a high WBC for about 4 months. The results of my blood test there were as follows:
WBC 7.9 Back to normal
Lymphocytes 3.2 a little high
Platelets 401
Ferritin 164
Folate 11.9
B12 313
% iron Saturation 13 Low (WHAT IS THIS?)
Iron 62
TIBC 463 high
UIBC 401 high

Pernicious Anemia runs in my family. The Dr.'s nurse told me to take B12 and return for more test in March.

Does it look like my iron is low? It kind of does to me but I'm new at this.

Also, the reason my blood was checked in the first place was I went to the ER (which I never do) in August because of severe pain in basically the whole top portion of my body including my head and exhaustion. I had my 2nd neck surgery in April and thought it maybe due to this. They sent me to my Dr. and he did an exam and blood test and referred me to Hema. He also noticed I had hyperpigmentation on my face and checked my Thryoid but it came back normal. I've also been to my Neuro-Surgeon and had an MRI which indicated I had 2 more herniated disc (my 6th now) and he wanted to operate for the third time. The last time he punctured my spinal cord. (I'm beginning to think he maybe a little knife happy). I requested alternative treatment and have been receiving treatment which has made pain bearable now from Pain Center. (I'm going to chage Neuro's)
I really don't feel the same this time with the neck as last, so I'm not convinced that's where the pain is coming from. I have felt like I've had the flu since August when this first began. I'm having tremors in my hands and severe spasms in my arms and legs. I've read that pernicious anemia can cause neuro problems. I'm 39 years old and feel 93.
This board has been so helpful and is full of knowledgeable people. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks! :angel:
Stress in any form, pain or emotional can cause a rise in WBC specifically the lymphocytes which respond to what the body feels is an invasion by stress hormones. The iron saturation percentage is low this means that for some reason the oxygen that is supposed to bind to the blood cells to be carried to your body through your blood is not working properly. TIBC=total iron binding Capacity is elevated. The body is signaling that for some reason the iron is not being transported to the blood cells properly and that is signalling the body to make more of the binding chemical, I am not sure about the B-12 levels as they are somewhat dependent on the labs range, but if it is the same range as my lab uses, then any thing under 400 puts a patient at risk for neurological complications, and psychiatric disorders. Generally speaking, the high platelet counts indicate that your body believes that you have been bleeding and this has triggered it to make more platelets to stop the loss of blood. This can infact be caused by surgical bleeding, menstrual bleeding or bleeding anywhere else in the body. Also it can be caused by the failure of the body to make the appropriate quality of blood cells and the properly formed blood cell.

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