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Recently for the past 6 months I have been doing full blood counts regularly and without fail my MCV is 100 so I put myself on multivitamins and bring down to 98 but it is still on the high side, my haemoglobin is normal (around 13) and RBC counts on the low normal level for example 3.8 to 4.0 that is when after I attempted to take multivitamins daily. Before that, my RBC stuck at 3.8 and I frequently feel a lack of energy, motivation, concentration..etc

I first did my ESR with 60, normal been 10-15. Then I don't believe and done it about a few months later, it still stuck at 60. I am concerned and worried.

Can anyone share some opinions on these? I know macrocytic RBC cause elevated ESR. Can I ask if MCV at 98 is a cause for concern since it is the last limit of a normal range, or some lab may indicate it as high-normal value.

Do i need to see a doctor on this? I don't want to be classified as overly-paranoid. I know ESR is a non-specific type of test and it itself is not diagnostic of any particular disease. So do i still need to see a doc on an elevated ESR?

Thanks so much for any opinions..
Have a nice day


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