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I've been having a little problem. I'm cold all the time and my hands turn very cold. I have to sit on a heater most the time at night to stay warm then I go to my room and cover myself in two blankets. I have a fan blowing on me at night because one morning I woke up short of breath, and very hot. Thats how I get air at night I feel. I also have cysts. One on each shoulder. They're small but noticable. I also get cysts inside my body. I went to get an ultra sound done and they found a cyst on my liver. The doctor said its not supposed to be causing pain, but do they? And my neck has been hurting like their are little round lumps growing out of my neck. They're not noticable, but thats what it feels like growing out of my neck...little lumps. Is this bad? The doctor checked me twice for anemia. Could I just be starting to develop anemia. If so how would I know I have it. I used to be really tired to in the mornings, but not so tired anymore, but I do get dizzy and one time I feel in my hallway almost hitting my head on a bookshelf I was so weak and tired. I just want to know whats wrong with me. If there is help thanks.


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