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Merimec--what were you experiencing with your vision? I had some eye problems come on just prior to finding the B12 def., and it improved with supplementation. However, I'm now experiencing some other weird stuff and can't determine if it's B12 related or not.

cdzhaha--my serum B12 wasn't tested prior to diagnosis, but a just a few years earlier it was in the upper range of normal but my MCV was high and I had "mild" symptoms. I was tested via methylmalonic acid and found the B12 deficiency after intense fatigue and breathing problems set it.

I had a lot of trunk "weakness". My ribs wouldn't seem to stay in place and they'd "click" all the time whenever I shifted position. I couldn't lift very heavy items, etc. Also, with my fatigue, I couldn't tell how much was actual fatigue or structural weakness.

I supplement daily with high amounts of oral B12--both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, and I'm doing SO MUCH better. I have energy, my memory seems so much better, my breathing is really good now, etc. I'm 43 and don't know the "cause" of my B12 depletion and haven't searched--I've long been fed-up with the medical establishment whose early response was "anxiety" or whatever. Funny thing--my anxiety has gotten better w/ B-complex suppl. too.

Anyway, good luck to you!
LOL....I did the whole chiropractic thing too. I didn't know the rib thing was B12 related, and I started the chiro at the same time as I started on B12. I'd never read, in all my reading about B12 in the last year, that "loose ribs" could be a symptom of low B12. Well, have hope--it does get better. You're taking shots, which is great, but you could supplement the "off days" with methylcobalamin (at least 1000 mcg) and hopefully then not suffer any "down time" like I hear a lot of people talking about (how they get to feeling "low" leading up to their next B12 shot).

You were just Dx'd with B12 def? How long have you had MS? Did they check B12 levels during your MS testing? I know that sometimes MS has a correlation with low B12 status, but I also have heard of some "mis-diagnosis" w/ some MS actually being B12 def. One was a case that made the news a couple of years ago in Indiana. A woman was Dx'd with MS for 26 years and almost bed-bound when her long-time doctor died. Her new doc ordered up new tests and discovered she actually had B12 def. and not MS. She sued the late doctor's estate.

Have you had the levels of the other Bs checked? Low thiamine (B1) can cause shortness of breath too. I'm low in most the Bs.

Do you have tingling ("buzzing" or pins and needles in your feet or hands)? I have it and thought it should've gone away by now for me (with a year on B12), but it appears it might be related to low B1 instead. I just started on benfotiamine (B1) again and the buzzing is much less (I thought I was getting enough in my B-complex).

I'm excited for you--glad it got uncovered. It's amazing how important a "simple" vitamin can be.....and how much more prevalent low B12 status is that previously thought.

good luck!

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