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Helllo ok I feeel like I'm Anemic.I have been having health problems since like Sept(it's getting worse instead of better)
But I also need to sleep alll day.I try and wake up(when I nap)I fight it.But then get this,my eyes start rolling up(into my head)I fight to stay awake.But I really don't know what's going on.Ok here is the report from lab.
Do you know if maybe my red cells are not as good:
White cells here(LKC)-7.0(every month it goes up and up)it was 6,0 last month,The reference range is -4.0-11.0

Red cells(ERCx10)12L):-4.39 range is 4.10-5.10

HGB(g/L) 134 range is 123-137(is it bad being high)confused with all this.

Hct(L/L: 0.388 range is: 0.36-0.42

MCV(FL): 88.4 range is: 80-100

MCH(pg): 30.5 range is: 27.0-32.0

MCHC(g/L): 345 range is: 310-350(is it not good being that high)

RDW(%): 12.9 range is: 11.5-14.5

Plts(X(10)9/L): 214 range is: 150-400(this is not good right)
I get bruises very very fast and if I bang my foot(toe)lightly,then I saw like my whole little toe was bruised and black and blue and toook a month to heal.

MPV(FL): 8.0 range is 7.4-10.4

Now my lymphs.

Neuts(X(10)9/L): 3.4 range is 2.5-7.5 ratio I'm at for this is 0.49
Lymphs(X(10)9/L): 3.0 range is: 1.0-4.0 ratio I'm at is: 0.43(I heard Neuts should be higher then Lymphs)
Monos(X(10)9/L): 0.4 range is: 0.1-1.0 ratio is: 0.06
Eos(X(10)9/L): 0.2 range is 0.0- 0.4 ratio is: 0.02
Basos is 0 for me and range is 0.0-0.1

Now about my AST and ALK it's right at where the range starts(AST is at 16) when range is 14-36
My Bili total(umol/L): 5 range is 0.22
My Billi Direct(umol/L):0 range is 0-9
Total protein(g/L): 76 range is 60-80
Albumin(g/L) 40 range is 37-50
Globulin(g/L) 35(they wrote HIGH) range is 20-33
A/G Ratio is 1.1 range is: >1

One more thing.This is very low.
Anion Gap(I think it's called)I'm very low
6L the range is 7-20L

Hello sorry this is so long.
I just feeeel so sick and not healthy and weak.
Could some-one help me out please.

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