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Re: Is This Anemia?
Feb 18, 2006
[QUOTE=DB18]I have been looking to see if my symptoms are anemia. I am not fatigued in fact I can easily stay up until midnight and get up at 7am with no problem and no need for anything other than a 5 minute power nap during the day. I get all of my daily activities completed with no issues although I do have a desk job with not much activity. My heart rate is between 60-78 (sitting at my computer right now my pulse is 64 per minute) unless I am exercising or exerting myself, but even then it never gets above my target heart rate of 120. With German descent, my skin has always been somewhat pale and even more so during the winter. My gums and eyelids still have normal pink color in my estimation. I have maintained a constant weight of 190 lbs. since I started weighing myself again in January (after the holidays).

My major symptoms are some leg muscle weakness and joint pain in my right ankle (not sure if it is just from exercise) but it is not enough to stop me from daily activities like grocery shopping, walking, exericising vigorously. I also feel like my head is in a fog. It's not dizziness like I am going to fall over, faint or pass out, just a little off. I wake up every morning with sinus congestion which impacts some of my breathing, but I have no problem with breathing after the sinus congestion is cleared or when I am exercising, etc.

Does these seem like anemia or something else? To me, it seems like some sort of thyroid disorder plus anxiety from my readings.[/QUOTE]
See your doctor. If you have sinus problems, you may also have digestive problems. Only the doctor can diagnose your problem. We can only suggest that you have your concerns checked out.

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