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Iron deficiency?
Feb 18, 2006
I have been struggling with neurlogical problems for the last year (myoclonus), with the doctors not being able to determine the cause. As usual, they end up with saying it is caused by "stress".

I asked the neurologist yesterday if it could be caused by some physical stress, since I take a ton of medications (diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroid, GERD, etc). He asked how long I had been taking iron supplements and I said for about 8 years. Yet, I still test out at being mildly anemic.

He asked if they had ever tested iron and ferritin levels, but I could not find records of that. He tested those and they both came back low. The iron level was 31 and the ferritin was 8. Some examples of my other blood tests are:
RBC - 3.08
HGB - 9.9
HCT - 28.4

My gynecologist has said that he does not think my periods are heavy enough to warrant these levels, and I do take 2 OTC iron pills a day, already. I usually have 2-3 heavy days during my period and the rest are not bad at all, with a normal four week schedule.

I do eat a pretty good diet and have recently had a colonoscopy to rule out bleeding.

Any ideas? I would love for this to be the cause of my neuro problems, but who knows...

Oh, also, I woke up the other night with one hand swollen so much I could hardly close it. I hope this is not the start of other problems... Ugh.


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