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Re: Feeling sick?
Feb 19, 2006
Nausea, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, sores in your mouth, heart palpitations, dry skin,reduced ability to see colors vivdly or accurately,(mistaking blue and black for instance), hair thinning out, turning prematurely gray haired at the roots of new hair, food aversions, exlusive foods consumption such as lettuce only, chewing ice, change of smell, blurred vision, loss of balance, not quite dizziness but leaning to one side, easily irritated, sleeping too much, or too little, nightmares, dry mouth, sinus irritations, pinpoint capillary bleeding. Bruising more easily than usual, missing periods for women, lowered sex drive in men or women, cold hands, cold feet, when it was not that way before, chills or shivery feelings, hot flashes followed by sweating,( if you are not menopausal) (confusing if you are menopausal) fever (not caused by any known or diagnosable reason) Confusion (regarding things usually done easily, such as remembering to pay a bill, or remembering a date, or remembering a procedure consistently even though it is a normal part of your life).
Every single one of these previously mentioned symptoms can be anemia or another disease because anemia is also a symptom of a disease, not a diagnosis.

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