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Hi don't let the last message someone wrote freak you out yes everything she said is totally true how ever the number 1 cause of anemia is low iron due do heavy periods in women. My iron was so low I was half dead I lost 3/4 of my hair had shortness of breath was diagnosed with tachycardia which is a heart rate of always above 100 beats per minute. I had no energy. My heart palpatated, I thought I would die!! My iron is up know my hair grew back my heart only has tachy sometimes not all the time any more. I have some energy know I just need to remember to take my iron pills 3x aday. I have been anemic since I was 12 I never took it seriously untill recently never knew iron was that important. Iron makes red blood cells which carry oxagen to all parts of your body not enough red blood cells not enough oxagen. take it seriously and take your iron. Check you level's regularily. I am 34 and I found out the hard way how important iron is good luk

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