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you would be surprised how many doctors overlook anemia, I went to two different gynocologists, because of heavy periods and they all sorts of tests, blood work and such and determined the cause of my heavy bleeding, but none checked my blood count which is odd considering my complaint is bleeding to much for many years.

I had to go to my primary doctor with a complaint of severe fatigue and he did a full panel and found my blood count was really low. almost dangerously low. this was something that took years to develope, and none of my regular doctors or gyn noticed it despite getting blood work done every year at both doctors. my endrocrine and my gyn.

anemia will make you sickly, tired, headachy, heart palpatations, and feel like you are going to die from walking only 10 steps, you will get breathless, frankly you are just not getting enough oxygne and your brain is telling the heart and lung machine to pick up the pace, but your heart is not getting enough either so you get angina, chest pains due to lack of oxygen due to anemia not heart blockage, then your immune system is overtaxed, it isn't getting the nutrients or oxygen it needs either and boom infections and other heatlh problems. and so to protect you from dying your brain sends the your very tired and weak message to cause you to stop and rest. this is called central fatigue. it is a defense mechnism.

then of course by not getting enough oxygen your body burns mostly sugar for fuel since you need adequate oxygen to burn fat as your main fuel, and you of course need sugar to burn fat effeiciently (that is why people who go low carb go into ketosis ketosis means fat is being burned ineffeiciently which means more sugar wll be burned for fuel (glycogen stores and of course tissue proteins cannabalism to make the sugar that is needed so you lose alot of weight but it is muscle loss and tissue loss not just fat).

so you get hungrier more often, and you get symptoms of low blood sugar, you can truly have sugar control problem,to so don't disregard it totally without first finding if the anemia maybe causing it, insulin resistance, which can be dealt with by a few diet changes and proper supplementation (I take chromium gtf to make insulin work better since I am not diebetic)

seems to be making a difference in my appetite and not getting that I am going to fall asleep in my chair scenario as much, not craving sugar like i was and not getting as hungry as often like I was, of course you can still get hungry taking this stuff if your body still needs the caloires. it just helps the hunger is not a drastic sugar drop due to too much insulin or whatever.

I also have been taking 50 mg iron every day now for over two months, a few weeks ago I started back on walking since I was so sick over the winter and of course the anemia added to it, and one day I walked for 40 minutes and felt pretty good, still had some energy left afterward. the next couple of times I walked, of course I always skip a day for recovery since I am out of shape, i walked again, felt like I was dying, I couldn't walk for five minutes before I had to sit just to catch my breath. and yes oxygen debt will cause back pain or muscle pain because the muscle is not getting enough oxygen and cramps up.

I thought for sure the anemia was reversing since I read it takes 2 months for blood counts to return to normal once you start to treat iron defincent anemia. it had been 5 weeks, and yet I felt so bad when exercising. but I had to remember I just got over a bout of severe sinus infection, the flu and bronchitis all at once that hit me, and it had only been two weeks since I finally felt better took two bouts of antibiotics, and 3 weeks to recover.

but thursday of this week i felt pretty good it was nice outside and I decided to go for a walk, wasn't intending to go far and ended up going 3 miles, and still had energy to spare, of course because of not walking so much for 3 months due to being so tired and of course sick there for a month, my legs really felt it some, my ankles it was the worst since I have bad feet High arches. anyway I was surprised that my fatigue was due to my legs not able to go any furthur and not because of central fatigue due to not getting enough oxygen.

so I guess they were right it takes about 2 months or so, considering I had a bad infection and stopped taking iron for a few days as your shouldn't take iron when fighting a bacterial infection as bacteria feed on iron, but then started back up, so technically it has been two months.

I am also healing faster, as much as my legs hurt that day and ankles my pain was almost gone the next day except for a little stiffness, and today only my ankles ache a little, maybe if I can find shoes for underpronation I can eliminate such pain. forgot to add I am sleeping better too, before I suffered insomnia and poor quality sleep that seem to get progressivly worse.


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