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[QUOTE]I was wondering since your anemia seems to be caused by low iron levels are you taking iron all the time?[/QUOTE]

I started taking it daily last week. But except for when I was taking it to build back up from the anemia, I wasn't taking iron. Well, I started taking it this year during my period as a precaution, but that hasn't stopped it from dropping.

[QUOTE]do you have heavy periods? do you use alot of asprine or other medications (nsaids) [/QUOTE]

My periods are heavy for the first day, then normal to light the rest of the time. I used to use a lot of NSAIDS (aspiriin, ibuprofen), but cut back on that after last year's bout of anemia. I did have one week of taking them for a tooth infection. I was gulping 3 every four hours for a few days there, but I find it hard to believe that this caused the anemia, since all the medical tests never found any internal bleeding.

But it's not for lack of nutritional intake, and I don't seem to have absorption problems.

Annette, interesting that your anemia is from your rheumatoid arthritis. My mother had severe rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other conditions caused by the arthritis and by the treatments for it, but anemia was one thing she never did have.
Well, I'm anemic and I have no idea why! I actually have been anemic in the past and after time I thought I would be fine. The last month has been awful. I have no energy, stress, dizziness, tired, muscle cramps, muscle twitching, muscle tightness, etc.. You name it, I have had it and I have been miserable and depressed. So, my doctor today tells me after getting my blood work back I took last week I'm anemic. Go figure! I should have figured this out and have no idea why I didn't. But what is causing it I don't know. I wish I did.

As far as my periods have been. Ever since I gave birth 4 years ago to my last child I hardly have any blood in my periods at all. My PMS is awful, but the period is short and light. Weird!

For now, I'm going on Iron once again and hopefully will get better!

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