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Low ferritin
Apr 9, 2006
I'm not anemic but my ferritin tested VERY low, 8.9. I'm also hypothyroid. I took (or tried to take) thyroid medication for several years before anyone bothered to test my ferritin. My thyroid meds kept making me go hyper because my blood was so iron poor. Anyway, I've recently learned about the role of iron and getting thyroid hormone to circulate. Does anybody know if iron is important in the circulation of other hormones, especially cortisol?

Also, I've been suffereing from hair loss for about 4 months know - it must be iorn. How long until it will stop? Before it was annoying but not it's serious...I'm so afraid of going!!!
Re: Low ferritin
Apr 9, 2006
What is your ferritin range mine is 19ug/l should be 20-160 so I am considered low, my iron is 9umol/1 should be 10-30. My hair has been falling out for a few months and I have thin areas at the front of my head. My doctor is putting this down to low iron. I have no thyroid problems but had that checked out as that can cause hair loss too. I also want to know when my hair will grow back. I have read when your hair is put into resting mode prematurely then falls out it can take 3 months to regrow as hair grows in a cycle. I am trying hard not to worry about it as I have an anxiety problem and dont want to add to it.
Re: Low ferritin
Apr 10, 2006
The ragne for my ferritin was 25-150 with 90 being the best. The sad thing is docs didn't test this until 6 months ago. I was dx with tthyroid problems 3 years ago but I couldn't tolerate thyroid meds because of my low ferritin. I was becoming hyperthyroid on the meds but the docs were too stupid to figure it out. They really messd me up and now my hair...grrrr.

There is a small chance that my thyroid meds are causing the hair loss - I have to stop taking the meds again, my ferritin still isn't high enough.

But I really need to know what else low ferritn can interfer with...any ideas?

My hair isn't falling out in patches it'smore all over and not just on my head. The rest of my body has really slow hair growth.

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