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iron 9 umol/l (10-30) Low
ferritin 19 ug/l (20-160) Low

My doctor says I am low in iron and am taking a supplement (Have hairloss which is why I had blood tests) am I anemic or is that another blood test? My complete blood count is normal.

Thanks for any advise
Please don't confuse "low iron" with anemia!! Low iron stores can lead to anemia but it is not automatic. I'm always severely iron deficient BUT I am not always anemic. My ferrtin scores typically run from as low as 3 to as "high" as 7. You are considered iron deficient once your ferritin dips below 10. Anemia is determined by your Hgl acore and your Hct. Hgl (hemoglobin is a measure of the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood) Acceptable scores for women run 12-15. Hct is a count of your red blood cell supply. I can't remember the normal range here but it is easy to look up online. Also please remember that there are many different forms of anemia. Iron deficienty is one of the most common forms but iron deficiency can and does occur without anemia.

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