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I was diagnosed with IDA last May. My hemoglobin was 9, and I was trying to exercise and not having a very good time. I was also getting migraines, having palpitations all the time, and was generally pretty tired. Taking Niferex resolved the problem according to the last blood test I took in September. My doc seemed to think the case was closed, even though no cause was ever found for the deficiency (I have basically NO period, and eat a very healthy, iron-rich diet). I am starting to get symptoms again, especially the migraine and high HR on exercise, so I think I might be getting anemic again. But my doc seems to think I'm a nuisance to keep asking to get tested.
So I'm wondering how often those of you who were diagnosed with IDA get retested, especially if no cause was found. It seems like regular monitoring would make sense, because I'm a bit scared I will get an iron overload if I just keep taking the supplements. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm really not sure if I'm just worn out or if something else is going on...

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