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I had a blood test done last week, and the results are a bit puzzling:

Iron: 30 (28-170)
TIBC: 513 (261-478) H
% Sat: 6 (20-55) L
Ferritin: 6 (10-300) L
Hgb: 10.7 (12-16) L
Hct: 32.8 (35-47) L
Platelets: 182 (140-400)
RBC: 3.8 (4.0-5.2) L
MCV: 86 (80-100)
MCH: 28 (26-34)
MCHC: 32.6 (32.0-36.0)
MPV: 12.2 (6-9.5) H
RDW: 14.9 (11.5-14.5) H

My doc is puzzled because I don't have heavy periods, in fact I barely get them at all. Scope was negative, and so was test for Celiac. He is sending me to a hematologist because he is stumped, and he said that with my very healthy, iron rich diet I shouldn't have values like this. I am wondering why, if I'm iron deficient, the MCV, MCH, and MCHC values are normal. They are supposed to be low in iron deficiency anemia, right? Could these blood test values be pointing to something else? Any help would be great.
I have been following up with a hematologist - she seems to think it's classic iron deficiency. I just need a lot of iron for some reason, even though my periods are very light. I do respond really well to the iron... but I'm still a bit puzzled by my latest results:

hgb: 13.3
hct: 36.5
platelet: 162
mcv: 89
rbc: 4.12
mch: 32
mchc: 36.4 (high)
rdw: 17.0
mpv: 14.1(i think this is high, but latest test doesn't have range)
% saturation: 17% (low)
ferretin: 27

Anyway, I'm wondering what is the significance of high mchc and mpv. I didn't get to ask my hematologist because she just handed me the labwork on my way out! Any suggestions are appreciated - I still think something else might be going on since I don't think it's normal to need so much iron.

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