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I think you should ask your doctor about the iron supplementation... although I find it strange he did not prescribe you one. I guess things work differently here.

In my opinion, how much you supplement would depend on how low your levels are. There may not be enough iron in your multi vitamin to restore your levels to normal ranges... and if that is the case then you would need an iron supplement as well. I think I would get a multi vitamin without the iron and then supplement the iron seperately, that way you know you are getting the right amount of iron.

I was prescribed 3 x 300mg ferrous gluconate daily - but I can't handle that much and only take one or two a day.

You can overdose on iron as well. Excess iron lowers the immune system, and has been found to enhance the severity of Alzheimer's, MS, Lou Gehrig's, Parkinson's and other diseases. Also, arthritis, diabetes and liver disease can all be linked to an iron overload in some people. There are more issues but I won't list them all - just wanted to show that iron can be toxic - which is why you probably were told to NOT add an iron supplement.

All in all, I think this is a situation that warrants you and your doctor sitting down and deciding the proper course of action for you ie: How much iron is needed, for how long, etc. You'll probably have to have bloodwork every so often as well to monitor your levels.

Good Luck - and I hope I helped a little - I'm not sure if my response answers your question or not :confused:

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