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I am a 50 year old woman - who was relatively healthy until aprroximately 5 years ago. I have had FM for 24 years - but always lived "well" with it.

I began, very slowly at first, to have strange dizzy spells, balnace problems, intestinal/stomach problems, tachycardia, and severe headaches.

2 years ago I found out that I had severe gluten intolerance - NOT true celiac disease .... but an extreme gluten intolerance. I have adhered to a strict gluten free diet.

I was found 1 year ago to be very deficient in Vit D - have been taking supps, and the numbers have come up nicely.

I just had another B12 level drawn - it was down again to 220. I Know this isn't true anemia .... BUT can a person have all of the symptoms of anemia with a level of 220 ???? 2 years ago my B12 level was 258. Maybe it was too low already then ????

My life style has decreased to the point that I am constantly exhausted, dizzy, off balance. The headaches are almost non stop - I have never had headaches like this in my life !!!! Also having loads of muscle problems - spasms/little tremors/tics .... and pain. I am hungry at times - but I get very quickly filled up ...... and just can't eat the way I used to. I have lost 40 pounds over the past 3 years ..... nausea/indigestion.

I also have some visual problems .... difficulty focusing, etc. I have difficulty concentrating, and remembering what I am doing/saying. I have so much trouble sleeping at night ...... how can a person this tired not be able to sleep ??? Are sleep problems a part of low B12 ?????

Also have a lot of "shakiness" in my legs, hands .... especially if I am up too long. Also get little shock like feelings - especially in my head, and also my legs. I stumble at times ....... my gait seems off.

I am so exhausted --- getting ready and a trip to the doctor's office does me in for the day - then it's time for the recliner again ...............
If anyone can give me some input - I would really appreciate it. I have gone from a very active person - to one who flops from couch to recliner.

My doctor wants to retest the B12 with a differnet test ------ and is considering injections.

After 5 years ----- maybe he is starting to listen !!! ???????

Thanks so much for your time ...... I so look forward to some answers from you who have experience in this area....

Thank You. :)

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