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Hopefully you've found your solution but permit me add a little of my story. I'm 55, fairly healthy, but troubled over the years with chronic tachycardia, terrible fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, feet pain, irritability, depression and anxiety. Amino acids helped immensely, but wasn't exactly a cure. I had an Organic Acid test done which pinpointed many deficiencies, and the Dr. gave me a laundry list of supplements. I started to feel the best that I had in years. Over time, I started dropping some of the vitamins, as it was getting expensive, and thinking I was better, I could just start being "normal" know, eating what I wanted, maybe taking a multivitamin, and starting to live as if I didn't have any health issues. I did well for several months, and pretty much forgot about the medicinal side of all those supplements. Eventually, my symptoms came back. I went to a new doctor that was highly recommended for his sweet and gentle disposition, and the first thing he said to me, upon looking at the history and physical I had filled out, was "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you would benefit from a mood leveler". I let him put me on Lexapro, "to start", but it was a depressant for me. And I just knew that wasn't right for me.

I weened myself off, and said to myself, there HAS to be a better way. Well, long story short, I started investigating for myself, I discovered that when I started to feel so crummy, I totally missed the fact that I was no longer taking my B complex, specifically B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. These missing vitamins were the key to my well being, and upon resuming them, most of my symptoms disappeared within 24 hours. It turns out that in trying to understand the Organic Acid test, I learned that I had a genetic imbalance of these vitamins. What's more, my mother has suffered for 20 years with shizophrenic type symptoms, but refused all medical care. A simple vitamin could have helped her!

I give a lot of thanks to some very dedicated ladies on another health board, that shared their struggles, and their research. I learned so much, and am so glad I found that forum. I always think about the movie "Lorenzo's Oil". Very dramatic and inspiring.

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