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Re: Chronic Anemia?
May 31, 2006
I am one of those people with anemia caused by "process of disease", something that I still don't fully understand. I have auto immune disease including rhuematoid arthritis and scleroderma. My H&H (hematocryt and hemoglobyn sp?) are extremely low. The answer to my anemia wasn't B-12 injections or taking iron. My hematologist prescribes a drug called Procrit for me. I have my blood drawn once a week. The lab calls the results into my docs office and they, in turn, call me and tell me if I need a shot. I am allowed to give myself the Procrit shot at home which saves me alot of timed sitting in my doc's office. The problem I'm facing is that since starting the Procrit, my H&H numbers have never risen to normal. I think I'm getting closer though. I'm very grateful that my insurance covers the cost of the Procrit - it is extremely expensive! The symptoms that I experienced (and still do to some degree) that prompted me to ask my primary care physician about the possibility of being anemic were extreme fatigue, feeling cold all the time (I do take Synthroid for a thyroid imbalance) severe bruising, and dizziness. I think that people shouldn't assume that their anemia is caused by a lack of iron - like Les said - there are over 100 reasons for anemia and I think it's very important that you find another physician who is willing to do any workup needed to find your particular problem. Good luck - KathyMac

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