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I also have Thallasemia Beta, and had many of the symptoms you are describing for many years. They were eventually progressive and began to include pain and joint swellings. When I was finally tested for Lupus, it was positive, so we thought I had a diagnosis, but it wasn't very responsive to treatment, and some symptoms did not fit, including progressive weakness and the mental confusion. My new primary said he had heard of increased cases of neurological problems in thallasemia patients, and sent me to neuro, where, after many tests, I was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, or CIDP. Your symptoms sound almost exactly what mine were, even the time frame. I would suggest you mention to your doctor a test for both Lupus, and CIDP, as well as MS. The correlation between these and Beta Thallasemia is unclear, but I know 6 people in the CIDP support group I belong to also have Beta Thall. Out of about 60 people. Kinda big coincidence, I think. Reply to me if I can help or you have more questions.


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