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When I take my iron like I'm supposed to, I feel better by the next day too. It's definitely not a placebo affect.

Have you talked to your doctor yet about your iron dosage? I take 325 mg of ferrous sulphate 3 times a day. If I get lazy and skip some doses for a few days, all the fatigue starts coming back.

That's awful that you feel worse after taking it. Maybe you could try a different type of iron. What does your doctor say about it? Are you taking your iron every day or are you putting it off for a long time between dosages because of the negative side effects?

I don't know all the long term consequences of low ferritin. But here are a few. Also, I don't know what organs it would affect, if any.

May develope RLS
Chronic and crashing fatigue
Low work performance and exercise capacity, even with mild iron deficiency
Possible tachycardia (rapid heart rate) during exercise or work
Possible depression (especially in women)

I'm sure there's more.

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