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May 6, 2004
... I have been seeing my doctor for anemia. My first hemoglobin count was 9.4 then it fell to 9.0. she has me on iron and multi vitamin. my hemoglobin count is now 10.5 my ferritin level is 8. I have alot of stomach problems and she is sending me to a gastroneurologist. ... (3 replies)
... tress from buying a house, but after awhile I went to the doctor to have my blood checked since the symptoms jibed with both anxiety and anemia. The doc said my hemoglobin was at 11. I was supposed to go for followup testing but then I had to move, and I started feeling better. ... (1 replies)
... Oh Jackie thank you so much for responding to my Messages, yes I am a warm antibody type also. Due to the MS,I was Diagnosed with this in 2000, have been in the hospital twice have had 4 transfusions been on 120, 80,& 70 top dose of prednisone. My Hemotologist does not like to have me on it for to long, We have done the retuxin treatment, which was successfull for 6 months, so... (2 replies)

... Back in March I went to the GP for a small lump under a surgery scar, thought maybe hernia, sent me to the surgeon a week later I was in surgery had my intestines twisted in two locations, no hernia. I went in for a med check on Monday and was telling my GP that I was tired all the time (falling asleep at work), my mouth/tongue keep going numb, can't remember things,... (1 replies)
... My old Dr of 8 years always said I was "slightly anemic", but never really explained to me what they mean. Fast forward to my new doctor who I'm adoring right now. ... (3 replies)
... apparently we are a common bunch. I am to have about 4 infusions, one each week for 4 weeks. ... (4 replies)
... Hollyday: I too have been reading all over this forum since I got my lab results about 10 days ago. I am waiting for answers to your questions about as anxiously as you are! Why? Because our situations are SO similar it's almost scary! Your levels are low for sure, but if it makes you feel any better, mine are actually even lower. My doctors are saying that mine are as... (10 replies)
... vit with iron, extra b12 orally, extra folic acid, vit d rx 2 times a week plus extra otc vit d and calcium. Latest blood work showed hemoglobin at 10.2, but normal iron stores. Everything else was low. Nothing WAY low, but definitely low. ... (1 replies)
... After a month taking 90 mg iron a day the hemoglobin got back to 12.3. I then drop the iron quantity to 30 mg a day as I am breastfeeding. ... (6 replies)
Jun 23, 2009
... Does anyone know how much 1 unit will pull up the hemoglobin number, or as my Dr looks at is Hemocrit. Why they all look at different numbers is odd to me. My hemoglobin is 7.4 and hemocrit is 25.6. Thoughts? ... (26 replies)
... If you dont see something on here, then the result was normal. I have been dealing with the issue of the low hemoglobin for at least 2 years, but my doctor just blows me off and says it's not THAT low. No iron supplements, nothing. ... (2 replies)
... en having hair loss and intestinal issues for years, along with a bunch of other symptoms. I'm always cold and always tired. I've had my thyroid tested by 3 or 4 different doctors in the past 4 years, and it always comes back fine. ... (10 replies)
... I had gastric bypass as well, it doesn't matter how much you can eat that affects the iron, it is the part of your intestines and stomach that was bypassed, your body no longer produces the intrinsic factor needed to absorb the iron from the food you do eat. (so the dr. told me). I had my first infusion last month, no side effects for me, best thing I have done for myself in... (63 replies)
... I may have to have the IV iron. I had gastric bypass 4 years ago and even though I have started gaining a little wieght back and able to eat a little more my iron and hemoglobin just keeps dropping. ... (63 replies)
... I have a question, my hemoglobin came out at 4 and my doc saids that it is a little low but normal, well i dont feel normal at all! ... (10 replies)
Hemolytic Anemia
Feb 3, 2005
... ospital I was on 80mgs and 3mgs of folic acid a day my hematologist has tapered me down to 10mgs every other day and I am still on the 3mgs of the folic acid. My hemoglobin was at a 4 when I was diagnosed and I needed 4 blood transfusions but now my hemoglobin was at 11.8 3wks ago and on the 8th I will go in for another blood test. ... (36 replies)
... My levels are as follows: TIBC: 459 normal (250-450 UIBC: 447 normal (150-375) IRON SERUM: 10 normal (35-155) IRON SATURATION: 3% normal (15-55%) FERRITIN SERUM: 5 normal (15-150) VITAMIN B12: 209 normal (211-946) WBC: 5.8 normal (3.4-10.8) RBC: 4.14 normal ( 3.77-5.28) HEMOGLOBIN: 7 normal (11.1-15.9) (1 replies)
... ve had abnormal CBC's for nearly two years. Even with supplementatin, prenatal vitamins, and folate, my Ferritin and Iron Saturation don't seem to budge much. My hemoglobin fluctuates between 8.5 and 9.7. ... (3 replies)
... (Title should read "What could low WBC count mean for a man?" Hi, I'm writing in for my husband hoping someone can shed some light on this either from knowledge or experience. He is scheduled for surgery this Friday, June 3rd, and his blood came back as follows: WBC 2.50 (3.70-10.60) RBC 4.36 (4.50-5.70) (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, I had some tests done for iron awhile back from a doctor who is now being sued...anyways long story short Im going to get everything retested. I am always tired, very pale, weak, nausea, lost most of my hair, faint and the list goes on. I cant find what it is wrong with me. So I got a copy of the results but im finding it hard to read them. What I understand from... (9 replies)

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