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... I still am thinking of trying my GP for a ferritin test, then MAYBE I'll get a prescription for iron. I really am curious to see what my ferritin count would be. ... (5 replies)
... e and said how tired she was and I asked if her hair was falling out she said yes but it always does. I said BUT that isn't normal. I said for her to ask for a Ferritin test not just a CBC. She did and found out that she had a 4 Ferritin. She was put on iron although she was on the chart for HGB. ... (5 replies)
... I had similar problems when I had half my colon removed because of chronic diverticular bleeding. My hemoglobin was 8.4, ferritin 18 and hematocrit 28 I started taking Liquid Liver Extract -- 2 caps --3 times daily and the ferritin 47, hemo--16 and hematocrit--45 . The only place I could find the liver was Ezymatic Therapy. I can't eat liver that much and certainly don't... (5 replies)

... ow he is really really concerned about my ferritin. He wants to start me on Iron Infusions right away. He says I might only need to have two of them. He wants my Ferritin to be at least 100 as he said that is about where I will start feeling better. ... (10 replies)
... We recently found out our 19 year old son has Iron Def Anemia - this was discovered when he had some blood work done as he was complaining about symptoms almost like depression - tired - lethargy headaches - irritability etc... Since then he has been poked - prodded - weekly blood tests - stool samples etc... Primary care Dr sent us to a Gastro - Gastro sent us to a... (0 replies)
... wing upwards like a spoon and cracking, sores on fingertips, etc. Finally got a workup and doc called me to say go right to hospital for transfusions. Hgb was 4, ferritin 1. Had 3 transfusions, medical workup to find cause. Turned out to be from chronic heavy menstruation. Have had many IV iron infusions. ... (6 replies)
... (6 replies)
... Now that absorption is much better my iron is creeping up, UIBC and TIBC both going down. Ferritin was up 4 years ago, and has been creeping down. Perhaps lower Ferritin is associated with hashi as suggested. ... (21 replies)
... I have been feeling very run down and exhausted. The doc that is treating me for my thyroid wanted me to see a hematologist for what he referred to as suboptimal ferritin levels. My thyroid numbers have been up and down over the years. My ferritin is always low. ... (15 replies)
... So I fell off the iron wagon about 4 months ago and recently started getting symptoms of high pulse, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, loss of stamina, etc. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all! I am visiting from the hair problems board... my hair started to fall out in fits and bursts 2 years ago. at that time my ferritin level was 60. 5 months later it was 40... at that time the hair loss was horrible! ... (8 replies)
... said that he will no longer run ferritin checks on me and signed me off on the anemia and said come back in 3 months. ... (11 replies)
... down to having two small children under 2, etc. Eventually went to my doc who suggested I was depressed and prescribed anti depressants and ordered bloods. My ferritin came back at 4 and my Hb was 9 so I was put back on Iron tablets, fast forward 4 weeks and another blood test, ferritin 4 Hb 9. ... (2 replies)
... Hi I am sure that stephrabbin & flowrgirl will help you out with the ferritn question I would like to chime in with some other opinions on your tests though if thats ok Your RDW is elevated that would indicated folate anemia,B12 anemia PA or iron deficiency anemia I noticed your MCV is not mentioned that will be high in Folate & B12 def Nor has you MCH these should be... (4 replies)
... Why did my ferritin came down again? ... (0 replies)
... my ferritin is quite low. He put me on oral iron once daily. ... (7 replies)
Low Ferritin
May 8, 2007
... I think it is interesting how low ferritin and anemia effect people in such different ways. In the fall of 2005 I had a transfusion of 4 units of blood because my hemoglobin was 4. ... (49 replies)
Feb 23, 2017
... I am a new member here, could someone please help me to understand if I need to be doing something about my ferritin levels? ... (1 replies)
... Had fibroids removed 3.5 yrs ago but ferritin still was single digit. In Feb 2012 I saw a hematologist for the 1st time and he recommended "polysac iron" which he suggested i buy online. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, Iíll try to keep this short Ö. Iíve had lots of weird, scary (to me) symptoms for a few years, but was uninsured so didnít have them checked out. As soon as I had insurance, I scheduled a physical and decided to just see what the results were, rather than discussing my various symptoms with the RN who did the tests Ė didnít want to scare up the ďpre-existing... (2 replies)

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