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... I recommend Slow FE a brand name. Over-the-Counter- its About $13.00 a box in our local store. It seems easier on the digestive system especially if you start out slowly and build up to the amount your doctor recommends. How well you absorb it for storage will have to be determined by another lab test. But....only if your doctor is in agreement. (1 replies)
... I am So Happy I can get rid of my Gastro Doctor....because we have ruled out anything in his section to cause my ferritin level to be a 4... ... (1 replies)
... le Relaxing. Being In A Car Can Be Very Hard As Well. I Was Put On Meds That Treat Parkinsons Diesese Buy My Neuro Doc. This Is How They Treat Rls. I Assume My Iron Level Was Normal In The Beginning. ... (11 replies)

... ife. However, a couple months ago I started feeling really bad. My regular dr. referred me to a hematologist, who did bloodwork and sent me a copy saying I was iron deficient. I don't have the tests before me, but my IBC was normal, my ferritin level was 4, and hemoglobin was either 9 or 10. ... (17 replies)
Low iron&headaches
Jan 20, 2002
... the time they get really bad sometimes,canker sores in my mouth all the time,get tired easy,heart palpations,chest pain sometimes,I don't sleep well.I think when iron is really low heart rate is high but mine is 52.Is there anyone with these symptoms espically the headaches. ... (15 replies)
... ok here goes re normal values for comparison Haemoglobin 11.3 (normal for non pregnant female 12-15) Red blood cell 3.84 (normal female 4.2-5.4) Total white cell count 12.2 (normal approx 4-10) Serum folate 23.2 (normally 5-16) Serum vitamin B12 260 (normal 200-900) Serum iron level 1 umol/L (normal 9-30.4 umol/L) Haematocrit 0.336 (normal 0.36-0.46) Neutrophil count... (2 replies)
... the MRI . . . you'll be exposing yourself to more radiation than is healthy for anyone and I doubt they'll find a thing. Plus, it's so silly cause your ferritin level already explains your symptoms. If your ferritin is 19 then you need to address that first before having more tests done . . . ... (9 replies)
... i used to be able to walk 4 miles daily .. ... (7 replies)
... I have seen a couple of different drs to get a broader picture and so far the drs think my symptoms are in line with iron deficiency anemia. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, thank you for the interesting reply. The dr quickly went through the blood test results on a computer screen and it was difficult to see the results. I am trying to see the dr again but she is away for the next couple of weeks. The numbness/muscle spasms which come and go are scaring me.:( Everyday is painful. Hope you are doing ok now. Clare x (15 replies)
... It's been said before here on these boards, but it bears repeating. It takes 3 months to produce new good healthy red blood cells. So if you start taking iron pills, it will take 3 months to start feeling better. ... (15 replies)
... iron issues. We were just told last week that my mother has stage 4 inoperable cancer in her breast, lymph nodes and liver. Back in March, she had a mamogram and an exam and was given a clean bill of health. ... (13 replies)
... will I show symptoms of anemia with a ferritin level of 14? ... (17 replies)
... extra heartbeats for about 4 years which have been checked out and thought to be harmless. I also have asthma which is under control. ... (15 replies)
... I'm new to this board but also experience the same issues. I'm female- no female organs for 14+ years. I would think your doctor would want to know WHY you are anemic with a low ferritin. My ferritin is 9 and I'm getting iron infusions- no one should have to feel so weak and dizzy with a low ferritin when IV infusion is available- so much quicker. I will receive 4 more- every... (12 replies)
... Hi Angelwhispers ... any pain in your belly region should be reported to your doctor. Our belly is where a lot of vital organs reside and like the cliche, better safe than sorry. My infusion experience: Day of (Day 1): headache that is equal to level of a migraine Day After (Day 2): body aches whole body (myalgia) ... like flu kind of aches Day 3: fatigue fatigue fatigue... (15 replies)
... Thank you! Do you take a particular brand, or did your doc prescribe something? I have both Feosol and Bifera and am not sure what I should be taking. Also, do you get headaches? I have had horrible headaches and last night I had one so bad it woke me up and kept me awake. (11 replies)
... Hi, I am on ferrous fumarate 305mg twice a day if that helps you at all. I am also exhausted all the time and suffer from dizziness particularly if I stand up suddenly or move to quick. Like you I am really fed up with feeling horrible all the time, my doctor said this is because the body has to work harder on account of the low iron. (11 replies)
Iron Question
Mar 4, 2012
... (3 replies)
Iron Question
Mar 4, 2012
... That is the first thing we look at to determine anemia. Hemoglobin below 10 is something to be concerned about. I am going through similar problems. My ferritin level is 4, but my hemoglobin is just above 10. The fatigue is unbelievable. Good luck and keep us posted. ... (3 replies)

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